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Saturday, 28 June 2008

The Control Yuan

Article 90 of the Constitution states:

The Control Yuan shall be the highest control organ of the State and shall exercise the powers of consent, impeachment, censure, and auditing.

監察院  [Jiāncháyuàn]  /Control Yuan/
為  [wéi]  /是/is/
國家  [guójiā]  /country/nation/
最高  [zuìgāo]  /highest/highest-level/
機關  [jīguān]  /organ/mechanism/
行使  [xíngshǐ]  /exercise (a right, etc.)/
同意  [tóngyì]  /to agree/to consent/to approve/
彈劾  [tánhé]  /impeach/
糾舉  [jiūjǔ]  /censure/
及  [jí]  /and/
審計  [shěnjì]  /audit/
權  [quán]  /authority/power/right/

In 1931, Conrol Yuan was formed to exercises the powers of consent, impeachment, censure, and auditing.  The founding father(國父) of the Republic of China, Dr. Sun Yat-sen, advocated a five-power government.  He adopted a Western style system of checks and balance (制衡原則) between legislative, executive and judiciary powers, and then added two traditional Chinese government powers of examination and supervision (control). 

An Auditing Yuan (審計院) was established in 1928 to control government finance.  And in 1931 was downgraded into the Ministry of Audit (監察院審計部) under the supervision of the Control Yuan. 

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