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Thursday, 26 June 2008

The Examination Yuan 2

Article 85 of the Constitution states:

,分區舉行考試。非經考試及格者,不得任用 。
In the selection of public functionaries, a system of open competitive examination shall be put into operation, and examination shall be held in different areas, with prescribed numbers of persons to be selected according to various provinces and areas.  No person shall be appointed to a public office unless he is qualified through examination.

公務人員 [gōngwù rényuán]  /public officials/civil servants/public functionaries/
之  [zhī]  /(literary equivalent of 的)/
選拔  [xuǎnbá]  /(v) select the best/
應  [yìng]  /shall/
實行  [shíxíng]  /implement/carry out/to put into practice/
公開  [gōngkāi]  /public/
競爭  [jìngzhēng]  /to compete/competition/
考試  [kǎoshì]  /exam/
制度  [zhìdù]  /(political or administrative) system or institution/
並  [bìng]  /and/furthermore/simultaneously/also/together with/
按  [àn]  /according to/in the light of/
省區  [shěngqū]  /province/region/
分別  [fēnbié]  /separately/
規定  [guīdìng]  /provision/to fix/to set/to formulate/to stipulate/to provide/
名額  [míngé]  /(n) particular number of people; quota/
分區  [fēnqū]  /various areas/
舉行  [jǔxíng]  /to hold (a meeting, ceremony, etc.)/
非經  [fēijīng]  /not approved/
及格  [jígé]  /to pass a test/
者  [zhě]  /-ist, -er (person)/person (who does sth)/
不得  [bùdé]  /must not/may not/not be allowed/cannot/
任用  [rènyòng]  /to appoint/to assign/

Example of 'shall'
Article 85 gives the power to select civil servants to the Examination Yuan.  The expression of ‘shall’ comes up in this article. Normally, shall is expressed as 應.  An example can be found in the Civil Code.  Article 46 states:

Article 46   
Before registration, a charitable corporation shall obtain the required licenses of the competent authorities.
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