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Friday, 20 June 2008

Law Schools

There are some differences in the legal education of Taiwan.  First, law is primarily studied as an undergraduate program resulting in a Bachelor of Law (B.L.).  It is said that this degree is equivalent to the 'first' professional degree in law (J.D. or LL.B.).  This is the reason why most Taiwan Universities have departments of law rather than schools of law.  

Second, students receive academic rather than practical training.  Practical training is arranged only after the individual passes the lawyer, judge or prosecutor exams.

At the graduate level, there is only the LL.M. or Ph.D. offered in the area of law.  The LL.M. is not seen as a short term training program in some specific area of legal practice and of course the Ph.D. is the highest level degree offered.

Many places, like NTU have begun to offer a Master's program in interdisciplinary legal studies.  Some say that this is a J.D. degree in its early stages.

A list(quite old and probably outdated) of law schools that offer degrees to foreigners can be found here.
A list of all law schools can be found on my website here.

Other useful websites:
Ministry of Education

1. National Taiwan University
2. National Chengchi University
3. National Taipei University

Soochow University

The following is a list based on the average score of the entrance exams for first year students.
Students are tested on Chinese, English, Math, History, Geography
The information came from the University Entrance Exam Commission (Chinese)

National Taiwan University College of Law 77.31
National Taiwan University Financial and Economic Law 76.5
National Taiwan University Dept. of Judicial Administration 75.46
4 National Chengchi University College of Law 71.14
National Taipei University Financial and Economic Law 68.28
National Cheng Kung College of Law 67.6
National Taipei University College of Law 66.51
Natinoal Taipei University Dept. of Judicial Administration 65.41
National Cheng Hsing University Financial and Economic Law 65.33
10 National Chung-Cheng University Department of Law 64
11 National Chung-Cheng University 法律學系法制組 63.45
12 National Chung-Cheng University Financial and Economic Law 63.41
13 National Kaohsiung University Financial and Economic Law 61.44
14 Soochow University College of Law 61.09
15 National Kaohsiung University College of Law 60
16 National Kaohsiung University College of Law and Politics 59.23
17 Fu Jen Catholic University Financial and Economic Law 59.07
18 Fu Jen Catholic University College of Law 58.37
19 Fu Jen Catholic University Dept. of Judicial Administration 57.77
20 Donghai University College of Law 52.7
21 Chung Yan Christian University Financial and Economic Law 51.31
22 Shih Hsin University College of Law 46.84
23 Providence University College of Law 44.55
24 Ming Chuan University College of Law 43.74
25 Chinese Culture University Financial and Economic Law 42.42
26 Chinese Culture University College of Law 40.53
27 Aletheia University Financial and Economic Law 35.73
28 Kainan University College of Law 33.62
29 Hsuan Chuan University College of Law 30.09
30 Asian University Financial and Economic Law 29.68

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